Monthly Archives: September 2013

Ankle injury

“Joe” experienced energy going to his ankles in one of his PEMF treatments, both of which he had damaged about 15 years previously.

This is frequently reported by Clients as their body takes the energy to damaged sites to repair tissue.

I sprained my right ankle 2 1/2 years and as a result every afternoon there would be swelling around the joint.  With ongoing PEMF Holistic Energiser treatments the area has finally returned to normal. – Lani

Depression lifted

“Jennifer” had been feeling depressed for several months, low energy levels and pain in bones where fractures had been suffered in a motorbike accident approx. 20 years ago.  After 6 PEMF sessions is stronger emotionally, no panic attacks, energy levels lifted from 2 to 8 on a scale of 1-10.  Playing bowls.  Fracture pains no longer bothering her

Hip and Lower Spine Pain

“Rita” [name altered for privacy reasons] wanted PEMF treatment for R. hip scheduled for replacement, lower spine distentions, chronic pain syndrome in toe following L. hip operation, walking only with a walker or crutches:

Felt very clear mentally after first session,
Second session – pain in toe less, generally feeling better, friends noticed her standing straighter,
Fourth session – fewer painkillers needed,
Session 6 – no painkillers needed and off nerve medications which were giving rise to headaches. Spinal scan shows improvement in L3 and L4
Session 7 – exercising more in swimming pool., able to move R. Leg more,
Session 8 – walked length of hall unaided.