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Schumann Resonance and human body

“Our body is a walking crystal. We store electro-magnetic energyy. We can receive, we can transmit and we can store electro-magnetic energy.” – Dr Norman Shealy, American Holistic Research Physician and Neurosurgeon.

In 1973, Miller, Webb and Dickson described DNA as a holographic projector (see “Embroyonic Holography”). In other words, genes encode and express themselves via light and radio waves, or acoustical holography (see “Quantum Bioholography”, Miller, Miller and Webb, JNLRMI , 2002). Delocalized interference patterns create calibration fields (blueprints) for our bodies’ space-time organization. The system works as a biocomputer — a wave biocomputer. DNA can also function as a gel-like liquid crystal, emitting a weak laser-like light that can be converted into an electro-acoustic signal.

In conclusion, Miller and Miller postulate, along with others that,

1.The organization of all biological systems is established by complex electrodynamic fields. We are fundamentally electromagnetic, rather than chemical beings. Wave interaction is a key determinant of biological structure and optimal functioning. Biosystems are sensitive to natural and artificial electromagnetic fields. Perturbations in environmental fields can induce changes in organisms informed by those fields. Field frequencies and amplitudes affect our biodynamic state.

2. ELF frequencies of Schumann’s Resonance are intimately linked with those of human brainwaves. Natural or artificially induced changes in SR could affect subtle and perhaps gross brainwave generation. In particular, it could lead to changes in patterns and frequencies of resonance and resulting phenomena such as homeostasis, REM, psi, and healing.

For a decade, Robert Beck researched the brain wave activity of healers from all cultures and religious backgrounds (he enumerates psychics, shamans, dowsers, Christian healers, seers, ESP readers, kahuna, Santeria, wicca practitioners and others). Independent of their belief systems, each exhibited “nearly identical EEG signatures” during their “healing” moments: a 7.8-8Hz brainwave activity, which lasted from one to several seconds and which was “phase and frequency-synchronized with the earth’s geoelectric micropulsations – the Schumann resonance”. (Sidorov, JNLRMI)

Liquid crystals (DNA, brain ventricles, and cellular structures) in the human body may operate as antennae for detecting and decoding such global and local ELF signals. Beal (1996) proposes that liquid crystals (which are an intrinsic part of cell membranes) act as a detector/amplifier/memory storage device for ELF EM patterns in the environment. Proteins, tend to orient themselves in the 10-Hx resonant EMF, so would be extremely sensitive to ELF changes in the 10Hz region. A coherent wave-field may emerge from the body’s own liquid crystal (LC) matrix.]
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The energy drawn in by the body during the treatments works to balance the natural neuro-chemicals relating to night and day, sleep and wakefulness, as well as addressing underlying stress which triggers the sleep disorder.

After just one Aureon PEMF treatment a user reported able to sleep again and to have a natural nap during the day – after 4 years of not being able to do this. Natural rhythms are being restored in the body processes. She is returning for more treatments!