Monthly Archives: June 2016

Remote Treatment Migraine

I had a request for a remote session from a young woman experiencing a migraine which had continued during that week. She reported back after listening to the recorded session that “Ï feel better already something shifted and my mind not racing, it was like a big dark cloud over my had – this has shifted. Thanks so much.”

Body Mind Soul

As well as treating physical, emotional and mental disorders to bring the person into balance and health, some people are aware of the deeper connection being made during the treatments to enable a clearing of patterns from the past. This enables them to be free in the present and create a future in accordance with the connection to pure consciousness and intention – the Purpose.


It has been reported elsewhere that the PEMF treatments can work as deeply as correcting some DNA patterns, we are now seeing with the PEMF Aureon treatments, an energy DNA pattern being integrated during some treatments. This is part of the original Blueprint for the healthy human organism.