Monthly Archives: December 2017

Sciatic Nerve

A young woman came for help, in pain from a nerve which appeared to have been damaged during a session at a gym.  Historically there had been damage to the coccyx area and it had been suggested the nerve can be affected by changes in the tailbone area.  She was in pain, limping badly, stressed.  She received energy through the PEMF Aureon device and I was seeing where stress and emotion was being cleared from her and an alignment in the body. She felt energy in different places in her body and especially lower back. Felt much better after first treatment, continuing with chiropractor.  Second session two days later, walking a bit freer and feeling clearer in mind, was able to be in a meditative state during the treatment, deeper connection to Source Energy. Third session the next day – she had another session with the chiropractor after my second session with her – the chiropractor was amazed at the rapid healing!  No pain in the area. It was wonderful to see great improvement in her health and well-being after every session. The healing will continue to be working.