Non union bone fracture

May 23 – did a Quantum Analyser test on a man with an ankle fracture injury. Test showed electromagnetic radiation & toxic pesticide residue in body. After 6 sessions on June 12 another QA test showed those two problems disappeared! Status of bone healing and efficiency of osteoclast function had improved. Other improvements were also evident in the 2nd test. Client followed advice to take appropriate homeopathic herbs and tissue salts, as well as some kelp & GO multi mineral/vitamin. Treatment is continuing.
June 27 – The client had x-ray / appt with specialist this week. The fracture is repairing with tissue growing together in the lower, wider part of the fracture, no pain on examination. Surgeon says he doesn’t want to operate, continue as is, go back to see him if it gives pain. We are continuing with weekly sessions as there is a continual all-over body healing occurring. Another Analyser test shows more improvement and bone functions are normal – and he feels better!