It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lani. I put my trust in her as a healer and channel the moment I heard her voice. Profound syncronicities have taken place since my distance healings and I have noticed improvement on different levels. She was recommended to me by a close friend and I would recommend her to anyone who needs clarity, healing or guidance on any area of their life.

Her offer to take donations reflects to me that she is coming from the heart which I think we need more of in our current times and, as my mother used to say, a sign of a true healer.
Thanks again Lani, – Bracken Rainbow

Although I was a little skeptical at first, after just a couple of sessions with the PEMF machine, chronic pain that I have had for over thirteen years reduced significantly. I achieved something with the machine that had become very elusive because of this pain: complete relaxation. It was an amazing feeling and I’ve continued with at least ten more treatments. I’m finding that the pain is becoming less and less with each session. Needless to say, I’m very grateful to Lani for introducing me to PEMF!
– S Anderson, Birkenhead

Thanks Lani – I would love to come back for some more treatments – just hard to find the time at the moment. They really helped move me through the fog of the first 5 months of this year when I had to rest all the time and had absolutely no energy and struggled. – Myrtle, Auckland West

I’ve  had several treatments now from Lani and the PEMF machine –and at first I wasn’t sure what to expect from the  treatment –  the friendly, welcoming environment helped allay any fears which I may have had and allowed me to relax into the unknown.

In my first session I experienced a deep, deep state of relaxation, I felt renewed and refreshed and ready to take on the world. My thought processes seemed somehow refined and I sensed a wonderful clarity of mind.  It was like the cleaners had come in and cleared away all the dust & garbage from my mind. All the clutter was gone, it was wonderful !

The sessions that followed always left me astounded at how well I felt after only 20 minutes.  I would experience tingles in my body and always felt an adjustment of sorts going on.  I am always left with clarity of thought, and always left more relaxed than when I arrived.

The consultation after my sessions has also been invaluable – it has been lovely to receive Lani’s intuitive feedback – and I feel discussion is really important in any holistic treatment.  I’m already looking forward to my next treatment, thank you Lani
Vicki – Far North

I am writing to say just how much Lani’s healing with the Holistic Energiser PEMF treatment has helped me.  It’s good for reducing pain and the upliftment felt is just great!  I would recommend her to anyone seeking help.  Lani is such a loving, caring soul.  I feel honoured and very grateful to be in the presence of such a beautiful lady.
Anna R., Taupiri

“I experienced good healing at the cellular level from Lani using the PEMF therapy remotely. After three sessions with her I am on the path to clearing up some old chronic health problems. I highly recommend the remote therapy service.” E.K. Australia