Quantum Analyzer Testing

The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer shown here has 35 different reports it can produce which can indicate the levels of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, toxins, etc. in the human body, as well as various functions which maintain health.

The person being tested simply holds the detector in one hand and the unit takes a minute to read the electromagnetic wave signals which relate to the body’s various systems and subsytems. By finding out which areas of the body are out of balance, more attention can be paid to restoring balance. It can be useful to have a test before and after one of the Pure Energy Multi-dimensional Field healing sessions to show differences achieved.

The reports are for guidance only and are not a diagnosis. You can use the reports to investigate further with a qualified person.

QA Info – This is an explanation from the manufacturer on how the Quantum Analyzer works.

Here is a sample of part of a Comprehensive Report.
Screenshot 2014-01-27 16.01.09



$20 for an appointment for the testing and reports. These can be printed or emailed to you.
$10 if you are also having an Aureon PEMF treatment.

May 23 – did a Quantum Analyser test on a man with an ankle fracture injury. Test showed electromagnetic radiation & toxic pesticide residue in body. After 6 sessions on June 12 another QA test showed those two problems disappeared! Status of bone healing and efficiency of osteoclast function had improved. Other improvements were also evident in the 2nd test, which was pleasing for both of us to see. The client also took recommended homeopathic and nutritional supplements.
– another person came experiencing lung problems. Tests before and after his healing session showed improvement, and he also noticed the difference after the healing session.