Distant Energy Sessions

If you can’t visit me in person, you can order a Distant Energy Session – from anywhere in the world, if you can speak and understand English. This is a Pure Energy Multi-dimensional Field  session – and you are energy – and the energy is everywhere – so distance is not a limitation nor is it a restriction to the energy session. The energy to heal / restore can go to physical, emotional, mental concerns.

You must send me a recent photograph of yourself / or person the session is for, together with the age of the person, and add any comments about what you are wanting help for. I use the photograph to visualise you with me.

At the start of the session I link with you on an energy level and ask permission from your Body Mind Consciousness and Higher Self Consciousness to work with you and for the energy to help you in the most appropriate way. In this way You are helping You.

I record what I sense/see during the session and email this voice recording to you so that you experience the energy as you listen to it, as if you were physically present with me during the session.

Please Read PEMF Client Statement
Send Email with photo
or if your browser can’t attach a photo here, you can text message me on NZ (+64) 027 291 0165, or email it to: lani@pemfauckland.com

PEMF Session fee – $50

– Thank you so much for all your sessions — I appreciate how you can so accurately and precisely describe and transmit what you see.
– Best night sleep she has had for many weeks. Her breathing is so better this morning and she is very relaxed
– I wanted to tell you that late yesterday afternoon I became aware that my back, in all three areas that you said something was being removed from, coccyx, mid back and upper spine, all ached … but today I had a lot of energy and actually worked quite physically for a few hours in my garden,,,, not done for a while and yes the aching disappeared overnight. For me it was an affirmation of what you showed me.
– thank you for the healing and the email. I was going to get back to you almost straight away to tell you how different I felt, but decided to wait awhile and got busy! Something has changed around the solar plexus chakra area. A definite clearing feeling. It was strong for around 2-3 days and is still like it – I’ve just tensed up a bit due to home issues which are a bit chaotic!
– I have just listened to the session and have deep gratitude for the healing , energy words and confirmations that came through from my galactic family. I did smoke and was bringing up a lot of mucous in the last month so you were exact in your intuiting this. This has been powerful and the support so beautiful.
– What absolute delight and heartfelt abundance I received ..everything you shared and came through you had been measured with such reference and joy. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders somewhat and I look forward to walking this path of communing with the higher higher realms ….
– thank you Lani i felt better immediately after listening and had a great nights sleep. feel so much lighter today. i am so grateful for your light.
“Hi Lani.
Another amazing healing, thank you so, my gratitude can not measured.. Thank you for sharing your gift and the wonderful transformation I have received. I have been feeling so good lately, and yes I have been improving my connection to the universe. Also a huge thank you on the amazing work you have done with my boy and Im sure he has already thankéd you by himself.
Blessings M.” [3 remote treatments]
“I experienced good healing at the cellular level from Lani using the PEMF therapy remotely. After three sessions with her I am on the path to clearing up some old chronic health problems. I highly recommend the remote therapy service.” E.K. Australia
“Less than 48 hours after our [remote] session the quite severe pain in my knee is gone:) thank you Lani ! Awesome I’m walking again without moon boot and crutches”- Doris, Sydney
“…It was such a lovely treatment, very accurate with what you said about me being sensitive to smoke and chemicals. It’s been more so lately. …I am feeling so much better and stronger. My skin has improved so much and my overall well being. My hair is not falling out in excess anymore and I feel like I am improving every day… M., Sydney”
“I highly recommend Lani’s Remote treatments. They have helped me a lot to shift even very deep blocks and imbalances in my energy field and body. I recently fractured my ankle and and the instant improvement I felt is amazing.
Thank you Lani for your generous heart and spirit.
Doris, Sydney”
“Just had to tell you I have and continue to get huge benefit from your remote treatment! I listen to it almost every day and for meditation too. Marvellous! …” J. Brisbane
“… Thanks for the remote healing .. I have felt the dull ache leave my head and not return…wonderfuil! ” V. Waihi
“The second treatment felt very upbeat and positive. I could feel it in my body during the treatment. I liked the blood cleansing and the messages …. ” A. Sydney
“As usual I felt surrounded by light and my body totally relaxed, even a sore toe stopped hurting during the session.” J. Mt Maunganui
“Yes, a very deep session! I slept well and very deep for the first time in a while, woke up with a few pains in unusual places which is probably the readjustment…”